We say goodbye to our friend Corbo on his final day as host, with friends from the Blueshirts Breakaway podcast stopping by, then talk about some highlights and memorable players from the 2010-11 season and beyond.

Knicks 10-Year Review

*Podcast editor’s note: Thank you all SO much for being incredible listeners and for all of the great conversations over the last few years. I’m incredibly grateful for the time I’ve gotten to spend hosting/producing/being a part of this podcast and that was largely because I knew you were all on the other side of the microphone. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! – Anthony

**Some microphone scratchiness at the beginning of this episode. It clears up as soon as we begin talking about the Knicks after our first segment (around the 20 minute mark.)

(00:00) Hangs with Blueshirts Breakaway’s Ryan Mead & Greg Kaplan; Anthony shares his story on why he started the podcast
(26:04) Top Knicks highlight plays of the decade; trading for Carmelo Anthony; chemistry of the 2010-11 roster
(37:50) Christmas Day post-lockout; 2011-12 roster review
(41:35) 2012-13 roster review
(48:49) 2013-14 roster review
(51:32) 2014-15 roster review
(54:05) 2015-16 roster review
(57:23) 2016-17 roster review
(01:03:35) 2017-18 roster review
(01:05:26) 2018-19 roster review
(01:08:07) 2019-20 roster review




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