Knicks GM, and lottery representative, Scott Perry proved not to be the lucky charm as New York fails to move an inch, will select at no. 9 in June at the 2018 NBA Draft.

Officially, the New York Knicks will select the ninth overall pick at the 2018 NBA Draft following the results from Tuesday’s Draft Lottery drawing.

With general manager Scott Perry at the dais for New York, the Knicks couldn’t muster much luck in advancing to a better pick—they’ve only jumped in the lottery once in 33 years (you know it as winning the Patrick Ewing Lottery).

Now, Knicks scouting will have to complete their breakdown of preferred prospects. A year ago, with Phil Jackson still installed as team president, the Knicks found themselves with French guard Frank Ntilikina in the palm of their hands. Reportedly, Ntilikina fit the mold for Jackson’s Triangle, despite Phil’s ousting weeks after the draft.

This time, the tandem of Steve Mills and Scott Perry—with the addition of assistant general manager Gerald Madkins and Craig Robinson—must decide strategy at the inconvenient no. 9. Although nine has produced fine players over the years (like Andre Drummond, Kemba Walker, and Gordon Hayward in this decade), draftniks concede this year’s draft as top heavy with team-altering talent. Again, the verdict on the 2018 class’ potential is not revealed on draft night, but pundits believe choices at no. 9 for the Knicks are slim in terms of generational talent.

Still, the Knicks will have to make a tough decision—do they go for a comfortable, safe pick or another project, like Ntilikina, that’ll take years to develop. The wing is an obvious position where New York needs help and Bridges Miles and Mikal could be options at that spot. However, high motor player Collin Sexton, from Alabama, could add a layer of toughness at guard for the Knicks.

At this stage in team development, the Knicks will need all the help they can get while Kristaps Porzingis recovers from an ACL tear. Plus, the addition of David Fizdale introduces the wrinkle of new coach, new system to the Knicks, who’ll have to integrate a rookie and an entire squad to Fizdale’s schemes.

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Additionally, the Knicks will have the 36th pick in the draft, via Chicago, after moving up a spot in the draft following Sacramento’s tremendous jump to the no. 2 overall pick (h/t Sports Illustrated‘s Jeremy Woo). New York received the 2018 second-round pick from the Bulls in the Derrick Rose deal, and the Knicks dealt another second-round pick in this year’s draft to Denver. Nine and 36 are the lucky numbers, folks!