Joseph Nardone and Jared Mintz are back with your weekly dose of the NBA, college basketball, and a whole lot in between.

The dudes have a lot to catch up on starting with the JR Smith soup incident, how the Spurs could fall out of the playoff race, the gap between the Rockets and Warriors, and how Lonzo Ball is handling expectations.

They then move to the growing hot race to the to the NCAA tournament, but not before attempting to discover Jermaine Dupri’s catchphrase. Jared and Joe move on to talk some strong takes about Grayson Allen, why it’s wrong to question Marvin Bagley’s effort, why Michigan State’s flaws shouldn’t be unexpected, and discuss strength-of-schedule before finishing with some absurd questions.




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“Role Playas”—Tim Got Rhymes (theme music)

“Portal”—Evan Schaeffer

“Not the Cypher”—Benjamin Banger

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