The Knicks Wall Podcast’s Draft SZN returns with an extensive look at Alabama speedy point guard Kira Lewis Jr., who will certainly be available for the taking at no. 8.

On the latest installment of Draft SZN, Jess Reinhardt and Nick Carannante were joined by Eli Cohen to talk all things Kira Lewis Jr. The speedy Alabama guard has risen up draft boards and in all likelihood will be a lottery pick, or middle-of-first-round pick at the worst.

Where does Kira fit in with NY? Jess, Nick and Eli discussed Lewis’ most appealing traits (speed and athleticism) and debated how that would translate in the NBA. 

What is the best comparison for Kira? Jess and Nick may have found one and it may or may not involve a Disney character. And lastly, how far down could the Knicks move in the draft and still be able to draft him?

Find all that out and more.

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