Kyle Maggio and Mike Cortez of The Knicks Wall Podcast break down GM Scott Perry’s return along with two proposed head-coach candidates.

It was a breaking news–filled episode of The Knicks Wall Podcast. Co-hosts Mike Cortez and Kyle Maggio talked about Knicks general manager Scott Perry coming back for another year, what he has done as GM, and what this move means for the team.

To finish out the podcast Kyle and Mike talked a little bit about the upcoming draft and debated ex–Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau versus former Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson as next New York head coach.


(1:48) Kyle’s breaking news

(4:40) James Dolan recovers from coronavirus

(5:00) Scott Perry returns, what does this mean and what has he done?

(29:44) Kenny Atkinson vs. Tom Thibodeau

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