The Knicks Wall Podcast is now part of the Blue Wire podcast network! The guys celebrate by running through some wild offseason simulations, laugh at what was likely Kyrie’s final game as a Celtic and talk to Robert Flom about the Clippers’ offseason and Kellan Olson about the Suns.


*recorded prior to Kevin Durant scaring the life out of all of us*

(00:06) The Knicks Wall Podcast joins Blue Wire
(02:16) Laughing at the Celtics & Paul Pierce is a moron
(04:19)Most interesting results from The Knicks Wall’s Offseason Simulator
(06:44) If the Knicks can’t draft Zion, then who?
(11:53) Outrageous alternative moves for the Knicks’ summer
(27:06) Robert Flom (Clips Nation, Blazers Edge, Bball Index) joins to fill us in on the LA Clippers’s current talent, moveable assets, going after Anthony Davis and likelihood that Kawhi Leonard signs with his hometown team.
(51:54) Kellan Olson (Empire of the Suns, 98.7 Arizona Sports) gives an up-close look on where the Suns are in their rebuild and what Phoenix’s actual moves may look like in the draft and free agency.




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Robert Flom

Kellan Olson


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