Mitchell Robinson’s defense is more effective than ever, despite a drop in blocks. Candace Pedraza goes to the tape to break down his game.

Mitchell Robinson has taken the credo that rebounding wins championships very seriously this season. 

20 games into the 2023-24 campaign with the New York Knicks, Robinson is averaging 10.3 boards per game, the best mark of his career. In total, he’s grabbed 216, with 112 of those being offensive rebounds. That’s good for first in the league, ahead of talented bigs in Clint Capela and Anthony Davis. 

He also leads the league in box-outs with 3.3 per game, and is second in the league in contested rebounds with 6.1 grabbed per game, behind only Anthony Davis.

Notice a trend?

Robinson is a huge part of what the Knicks are aiming to do this season: stay consistent in their offense and able to capitalize on what elevated them into postseason contention last season, which is taking advantage of second chance scoring opportunities through his offensive rebounding. 

I decided to take a stab at breaking a few of Robinson’s early games down to see how he’s been able to separate himself from some prolific bigs in the league.

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