The Knicks Wall is hosting a three-bar crawl on draft night to watch madness ensue, make sure to stop by!

It’s that time of year. The NBA season is coming to a close which means the 2019 NBA Draft is right around the corner. And we’re ready for it.

This time around our staff at The Knicks Wall want to connect with the fans—fans of the New York Knicks and TKW alike.

The 2018–19 season has been eventful for all of us. We felt your anguish during the Porzingis trade’s expedited saga and commiserated with you when the return still left us with a bad taste in our mouth. As saddening as it was, we covered it to the best of our ability analyzing it from all angles because we believe in our brand and, more importantly, you believe in us too. Let’s share a big moment in Knicks history together.

So, come through! Break bread! Crack a bottle! Chug a draft beer or a craft beer. Bring all your good luck traditions and end the 20-year curse of ineptitude.

Peep the deets and the tails below—and share your excitement in person with The Knicks Wall!