In a loaded episode of The Knicks Wall Podcast, the crew dissects the recent (second) Derrick Rose trade along with RJ Barrett’s progress and star trade pitches.

Following a brief hiatus, The Knicks Wall Podcast returned to chop it up about the latest Knicks news. Speaking of returns, Derrick Rose is back! The Knicks traded Dennis Smith Jr. and a second-round pick to reunite Rose with his rabbi Tom Thibodeau.

Kyle Maggio, Mike Cortez, and Shaun Geddes talk about the trade, Rose’s strong debut in South Beach, his mentorship of Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin, and how Rose plays into the picture for this season. The Rose talk naturally bled into what should be done with Elfrid Payton, who should be the odd man out.

Finally, trade talk. Bradley Beal? Zach LaVine? Victor Oladipo? J.J. Redick? Who makes the most sense to chase? Only one way to find out.

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