On this week’s episode of The Knicks Wall Podcast, the crew is joined by Eli Cohen and NBA Draft expert Matt Babcock to talk RJ Barrett and the draft.

Tempers flared this week on The Knicks Wall podcast over R.J. Barrett’s probable exclusion from an All-Rookie teams. Kyle Maggio, Mike Cortez, and Eli Cohen dissected the other candidates and made their case for why Barrett has to be included.

Other points of annoyance included Carmelo Anthony slander, which has aged like an avocado, New Orleans Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry’s management of Zion Williamson’s minutes, and lastly Scott Perry. Recent news has painted Perry in a not-so-great light and the crew recaps exactly what he has done as GM.

To wrap the podcast on a lighter, and enlightening note, Matt Babcock, former player agent and founder of Babcock Hoops joined the show. Babcock, a NBA Draft expert, gave his take on the draft from an agent’s perspective.

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