Our Twitter guru, trey, joins us to crack open the mailbag, answering readers’ questions on the surprisingly pleasant state of the current Knickerbockers.

Helllllllo, Knicks fans.

It’s officially ten games into the season, and the Knicks have a winning record boasting six fat W’s. They are vastly blowing out all expectations and Kristaps Porzingis, my largest adult son, is currently the best player in the entire universe. It’s great to be a Knicks fan. There is no way this spoils and New York goes into a funk.

Now, to the questions!

Well, okay. Did not expect this to be the first question. Here we go.

James Dolan is most likely the worst owner in the NBA. Save the way the NFL owners have handled the protests, it would have been fair to claim Dolan as the worst owner in sports. Regardless, there’s no way the New York fan base would be able to get Dolan out of here. The precedent for owner “impeachment” at this juncture is the Donald Sterling fiasco from a few years ago. Somehow, some way, there would need to be some racist remarks Dolan would make to realistically have him removed from his position. For what it’s worth, Dolan employs two African-Americans in high power positions, Steve Mills as the executive president of the Knicks and Scott Perry as their general manager.

Briefly discussed on a recent podcast with a few guests. Right now O’Quinn has some decent value but we need to temper expectations of a return. O’Quinn is a traditional center in an era where the league is going small, while traditional position roles have changed. Ideally, the Knicks would be able to swing an O’Quinn for a first round pick deal but uncertain which teams would be in the market for that type of trade. Courtney Lee also has some value but, again, not much. Lee is a 32-year-old journeyman shooting guard who offers shooting and defense. Hopefully NY can flip the two of them for a late round pick, but it is unlikely.

Man, oh man. Tim Hardaway Junior. This has been the least efficient season for the 25-year-old shooting guard. Hardaway Jr. is shooting under 40 percent from the field, and his three-point percentage is barely over 30 percent. And yet, somehow he has improved from his last Knicks tenure. Tim Hardaway Jr. feels like J.R. Smith levels of hot-or-cold shooting. A quality that is extremely infuriating to watch as a fan. He appropriately wears no. 3 to join John Starks in the long legacy of streak shooters in Knicks’ history. With all that, THJ camp is not too bad. For now. Expect this sentiment to fluctuate as much as Hardaway’s shooting numbers.


Enes Kanter has been a very good player and is outplaying the consensus expectation. His averages are about on par with the best of his career, but his efficiency is sky high through these first ten games. Last season, Kanter’s effective field-goal percentage (eFG%) is nearly 10 points higher than last season, per Basketball-Reference. All of Kanter’s other stats are about what he was last season in Oklahoma City. He’s an above average offensive big man and a poor defender. The defense being as good as it is with Kanter on the court is perhaps the most impressive feat from Porzingis yet this season. In terms of trading Enes, it would be best to hold onto him through the year, let him pick up his option, and trade him next season as an expiring contract. Greg Monroe’s expiring deal fetched Eric Bledsoe on Tuesday. Kanter’s value next year on an expiring would be about the same provided there is another disgruntled player looking to be moved.

Sorry, TooSaucyNYC, I am merely a broke boi who does not own a next gen console. Unaware of what you’re speaking of and how to get you that information. Please look elsewhere my guy.

It feels like the worst kept secret right now is Ramon Sessions being waived to make room for Joakim Noah post-suspension. Coach Hornacek continuously making Ron Baker an inactive boggles my mind. Even though Sessions rarely checks into a game after being removed from the starting lineup, I am unsure why Baker is inactive given his contract upgrade from a few months ago. Not a real issue but something that has puzzled me. Baker will not be waived because he was an overpay this summer and it makes more sense to let his contract ride out instead of waiving him. Also, Trey Burke is thriving as Westchester’s season just started.

Ronald Delaine Baker’s barber uses the finest kitchen bowl in the history of NBA players. To keep the bounce he uses the finest berries and juices this side of Houston street. None of this salon style Paul Mitchell stuff.

Great question. The Knicks have a surplus of big men and everyone knows that. Let me get this out of the way quick. Brace yourself. Kristaps Porzingis should not be traded.

Okay, moving forward. Kanter has been good, O’Quinn has been good, Noah is Noah, and Willy Hernangómez is barely getting minutes. One of them needs to go and it should be Kyle O’Quinn. He’s become a fan favorite and a really enjoyable presence on the team, but Hernangómez should be developing with those O’Quinn bench minutes and Noah is untradeable without attaching Frank Ntilikina or potentially (multiple) picks. No thanks on that. The theory with keeping Willy would go as follows; he is KP’s closest friend on the team. KP is not exactly far removed from skipping that exit interview, being put on the trade block, and having to deal with the mismanagement of Carmelo Anthony. There are new higher ups in charge now, but the damage was done to KP with this organization. Moving Willy may be another strike towards Porzingis’ good will with this franchise. For that reason, holding onto Willy makes sense and it makes O’Quinn the most likely candidate to be traded. Courtney Lee is another option, as discussed earlier.

In addition, Mindaugas Kuzminskas has been in trade rumors, but the market for him seems sparse. Kuzminskas is a second-year player, with zero minutes played this season, after playing solid basketball over the summer in the EuroBasket tournament. He remains a trade option with an extremely low stock. It is currently unclear with which team the Knicks could execute a trade with.

Marvin Bagley and Michael Porter Jr. With the way Porzingis has played a top three or so pick has become unrealistic for New York. Moving forward to potential free agents and not too many names stand out. Tobias Harris is certainly an option for 2019. Perhaps Kenneth Faried goes for a decent price in 2019 as well. He does not fit your criteria to play both forward roles, though. Provided the Knicks can clear some cap space for this summer, Robert Covington would be a fantastic option. Although it’s tough to see Philadelphia let him walk. Covington is an underrated player who does a ton of good. He has the rep of a defensive player and three-point threat but is not a shooting threat. At this point the Knicks may have to stick with more one year gambles on veteran players like they’ve done with Arron Afflalo, Derrick Williams, Michael Beasley, and others in recent years. For that market, Taj Gibson is a good player to keep an eye on for a long price.

Not sure what you’re referring to. My Twitter account is perhaps the most wholesome in all of the #NBATwitter sphere. Not a single curse word has ever been uttered by myself on said account. The highest non-curse PER in the history of the sport. No reason to want to punch me in the throat. Nope. Not even a little bit. Thanks for you question, Fabio. Judging by your photo, though, it looks like Fabio missed a spot. Get your money back.


Joe are you a fan of math? Yes? Okay here’s some quick math. My list of Twitter folks who want to punch me is twenty people long and one user (@Klew24) is listed nine times. While writing this there are about 3,100 who follow my account. Subtract those twenty hate entries and there’s–carry the two, subtract the nine–about 3,000 who do not want to punch me. Thanks for asking!

P.S.: Joe, did Marty Jannetty ever get that haircut?


Supreme Overlord of New York Basketball would never downgrade his position, but if he were to run for mayor, the platform would probably include: daily prayer [Ramon] sessions for our lord and savior Kristaps Porzingis. Weekly Instagram comments asking your crush if she’s still up or leaving heart eye emojis (DMs are optional but encouraged). Ending every sentence saying “B.” And last but not least, a mandatory pair of Timbs for every New Yorker. This is a candidate we can all get behind. Imagine Porzingis in a suit, delivering a flawless speech in front of City Hall, and awkwardly putting two thumbs up in the air. Porzingis could be the first unicorn to ever hold office. Really makes you think what can happen after his NBA career. Vote KP.

This is a greatly offensive question. How on Earth did you get to a place where you’re considering trading The Walking Bucket himself, Michael Beasley. This is infuriating to read. Michael Beasley? Really? The GOAT is in NY and you want to TRADE him? This is why Knicks fans cannot have anything good. We finally get gifted the quote god, three watch wearing, your favorite player’s favorite player and you want to trade him. That’s it. This mailbag is done. Thanks a lot, Joseph!

Okay okay. Really, though, Beasley probably has little trade value and Kuzminskas barely has any himself. Beasley is an expiring deal right now so it’d be preferable to let his contract run out.

Thanks, trey, for joining us in a greater than 140 280 character space. Follow trey on Twitter for more exclusive scoops as he runs The Knicks Wall account.