Kyle Maggio, Anthony Corbo and Bryan Gibberman are joined by Ty Jordan to discuss how Knicks head coach David Fizdale has handled the team’s roster to this point.


(01:30) Evaluating the job Knicks head coach David Fizdale has done in his first year on the job with Ty Jordan.

(12:45) The Frank Ntilikina and Emmanual Mudiay conundrum continues.

(25:15) #KnicksTape: A look back at the Knicks’ loss to the Thunder on MLK Day at Madison Square Garden.

(29:20) Are we happy with how the Knicks young players are developing?

(32:30) Alonzo Trier showed off a bit of a more all-around game than he has in the past.

(40:00) Enes Kanter pulled from the rotation and time with the Knicks might be coming to an end.

(49:45) Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Bulls, sort of.

(56:20) Is a win for the Knicks at home on the horizon or will the losses keep stacking up at MSG?



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