The Knicks Wall Podcast with Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio and Bryan Gibberman takes you through the latest draft rumors, breaking Kyrie Irving news and the guys react to the Lakers acquiring Anthony Davis from the Pelicans.


(01:40) The Knicks offseason has trended in the wrong direction.

(3:50) Last thoughts on the 2019 NBA Draft.  RJ Barrett or trade down? Is Darius Garland in play?

(18:45) Anthony Davis was finally traded to the Lakers.

(29:45) The Knicks offseason all of the sudden might not be as bad! The NY Posts reports the Nets might not want to sign Kyrie Irving if he doesn’t come with Kevin Durant.

(40:00) How should the Knicks handle free agency?

(50:00) Are there any scenarios where the Knicks should look into trading for Chris Paul?

(58:40)  Sam Esfandiari from the Light Years podcast stops by.



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