Free agency opened up with the Knicks striking out on their primary targets. Now, Anthony Corbo, Kyle Maggio and Bryan Gibberman discuss how the Knicks have managed to fill out their roster without Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving.

*recorded moments before the Wayne Ellington signing became official*
*also hours before the Knicks signed Elfrid Payton*


(01:45) Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving join the Brooklyn Nets

(10:09) Does the Kristaps Porzingis trade still make sense?

(13:02) How the Knicks mishandled their new-found cap space in the public eye

(21:27) Julius Randle will play a huge role for the Knicks in 2019-20 and moving forward

(29:19) Reggie Bullock joins the team on a 2-year/$21 million contract

(31:28) Bobby Portis signing + Knicks’ long-term vision

(40:51) D’Angelo Russell sign & trade and the most interesting moves from around the league



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