Season 4 baby!! Anthony Corbo and Kyle Maggio return to The Knicks Wall Podcast with their 2019-20 Knicks season preview, going through the biggest questions on each of their minds before training camp begins.


Questions include:

(4:48) Is this team still destined for the beginning of the lottery?
(11:19) Where should we stand on Kevin Knox entering year 2?
(15:47) Who is the most likely player to be moved at the deadline? Who would bring back the most asset-heavy return?
(21:51) What will the 2019-20 Knicks’ identity be?
(32:48) Is Dennis Smith Jr. considered part of the long-term plan?
(42:48) What does Frank Ntilikina have to do for Knicks fans to think positively about him?
(46:27) How would RJ Barrett and Dennis Smith Jr. look starting next to each other?
(51:45) Is Mitchell Robinson ready to be the Knicks’ full-time starting center?
(55:57) Are we too high on the Julius Randle-Mitchell Robinson frontcourt?
(58:48) What if RJ Barrett doesn’t pan out?
(1:04:47) How concerned should we be about RJ’s first step?
(1:05:56) At what point will David Fizdale be on the hot seat?
(1:07:24) At what point do the Knicks need to make a firm decision on tanking?
(1:09:03) An injury to which player would be the most devastating to the Knicks long term?
(1:11:06) Of the Knicks on team options for 2020-21, who is the most likely to get picked up?





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