Frazier’s Puma sponsorship was a trendsetter in the ’70s. Puma is restarting its foray into basketball sneakers with a lifetime deal with Clyde and signing key prospects in this week’s NBA draft.

Puma has been making quite a splash in the news lately. The company has pounced back into the basketball sneaker world and seem to be making headlines for a bevy of reasons each day. First, it was the announcing of a partnership with upcoming lottery pick Marvin Bagley III. Then, it was the signing of near-consensus number-one overall selection DeAndre Ayton. After locking up two of the top young players in the draft to record sneaker deals, Puma decided to give back to their OG representative. Puma has rewarded Walt “Clyde” Frazier with a lifetime deal with the company.

During his legendary career in the NBA, Frazier was the first player to put Puma on the market. He rocked his signature “Clydes” both on and off the court, making them a coveted shoe for all basketball fans. After a long hiatus, with the return of Puma into the basketball world, it only seemed right for them to give Clyde the recognition that he deserves.

What a week for Puma. First locking up two of the best players in the upcoming draft to shoe deals and then giving back to the legend that propelled them to their status. It couldn’t get any more hectic than that… or could it? After all of this news and the same day of the Ayton and Clyde deals, Puma named Jay-Z as president of their basketball brand. Jay-Z is supposed to lead the brand as the creative director and head of the marketing campaigns. With Jay-Z leading the way, expect Puma to continue to be aggressive in trying to sign more players, whether they’re draft prospects or currently in the league.

Wow. If you didn’t think the basketball shoe game was already crazy enough, think again. Puma just catapulted themselves into the industry, sending shockwaves throughout the world of sports. Who knows, maybe a rising Knick like Frank Ntilikina will be the next landmark signing for Puma. As for the Clydes, Puma announced they were releasing 73 limited edition pairs of the shoe, in homage to the year they were originally launched, 1973 (the Knicks’ last championship team). Although Puma has signed Clyde to a lifetime deal, they haven’t made it clear yet if they plan on producing new shoe models for the legendary baller. Either way, it will be fun to watch Clyde rocking his Puma shoes with whatever ridiculous color suit he wears on the sideline come next season.

Nike and Adidas, watch out. Puma may have just taken the first few steps towards locking up the future of the NBA.