How do the zodiac signs of each of the Knicks’ rotation players reveal who they are? Let’s explore.

It has been 11 days since the New York Knicks were eliminated from the postseason by the Miami Heat, who are looking to now sweep the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. Much has been said about what the Knicks could have done differently this season to get over the hump that was Heat Culture. 

Could they have made more adjustments? Could we have seen more small ball and unlocked more of Julius Randle’s powers? Or, was it just never in the stars?

By stars, for the purposes of this very analytical piece, I mean the Knicks’ rotation players’ zodiac signs. We’ll look at each of their placements and see how they can be utilized, and how their signs shine through already in their playing styles:

Head coach Tom Thibodeau – Capricorn

Thibodeau, the oft-maligned head coach of the Knicks who can be chuckling in one moment and immediately screaming in the next, is the biggest representation of what a Capricorn is that I could possibly think of. Capricorns, represented by goats and quite literally the managers of the zodiac, are some of the most hard-working, hard-headed, and serious competitors. This shows just from the fact that Thibodeau has sworn off dating or having a love life so he can focus all of his energy on basketball and coaching. 

Capricorns can sometimes be too intense or condescending, and feel like they are right about everything no matter what. Thibodeau’s biggest criticisms lie with his inability at times to adjust to what other teams are throwing at him on the floor, leaving his players vulnerable to mismatches or just simply poor execution. Hopefully, Thibodeau can begin to lean into some of the more agreeable Capricorn traits like self control and good managerial skills and rally the squad back into the postseason yet again. 

Julius Randle – Sagittarius

Randle, the team engine at times, is sitting comfortably in the fire sign of Sagittarius. Sagitarrians, represented by centaurs, are known for being funny, giving and adventurous people. Randle is certainly also a fiery player, often reacting with gusto when things go his way, or don’t. But, they do have their weaknesses – they can be quite impulsive, very impatient, and promise far more than they can deliver to others. 

Randle definitely embodies the sign of Sagittarius with his play style. He is extremely driven and will often try to carry everything and everyone on their back in crunch time. While it is not always needed, you can always appreciate his passion. 

RJ Barrett – Gemini

Barrett, the Knicks’ third overall pick from 2019 that has suddenly matured into one of their better playoff performers, is a Gemini. An air sign, Gemini’s are represented by twins in the zodiac. It feels like Barrett really encapsulates the quiet goofiness of Geminis, often making his teammates laugh in post game press conferences and offering some great one liners in true, chatty Gemini fashion.

Also in Gemini fashion, however, is inconsistency, indecisiveness and nervousness. We hope that Barrett is done with that part of his career, as he looked much more like a machine on offense in the postseason against both Cleveland and Miami. 

I often wish for Barrett to be more aggressive on the floor, and as a Gemini, he should be able to speak a big game and back it up. Air signs are orators, and he should be taking advantage of that in games. 

Jalen Brunson – Virgo 

Upon realizing Brunson is a Virgo, everything in my mind clicked. Virgos, an earth sign represented by a virgin, are what I would describe as perfectionists to a fault. They work hard, and are always looking to be the best at what they do by any means necessary. They are also witty, humorous and serious characters, something that I feel like was unlocked once he got comfortable with his new team this year. 

Some cons with Virgos include being too hard on themselves, being too focused on work, and overly critical of others around them. Brunson certainly showed this side of himself whenever he’d say losses were on him as our floor general, and often trying to take games over when it was clear no one else around him had it going. Looking ahead, I honestly think Brunson embodying such a Virgo work ethic is a good thing for New York as long as others around him on the court can keep things light. 

Mitchell Robinson – Aries

Robinson, without any doubt, is such an Aries. Another fire sign and ruled by the ram, they are determined people who can be brutally honest at times. Robinson made some waves this season for posting some thoughts on the Knicks’ offense on his Snapchat, being very honest about how he felt about how he was, or rather was not, being utilized on the floor. 

Nevertheless, he also emulates Aries in the way he takes on very physically challenging roles against some of the best centers in the league. He’s brute force when he wants to be, but can let some setbacks get the best of him. Next season, he should just continue to be the ram that he is in the paint and dominate. 

Quentin Grimes – Taurus

Grimes, an earthy Taurus, is a bull when it comes to his driving capabilities and his quick first step. Like a bull in a china shop, he can really crash the glass when given the opportunity to do so. Tauruses are extremely reliable, often righting a ship in distress so to speak and looking well dressed while doing it. They can, however, be pretty hard headed, and perhaps no better example for Grimes being a true Taurus can be presented than that last desperation heave against the Heat before the Knicks were ultimately eliminated. 

Grimes should really get into a groove and get more aggressive with his driving game when he has the lane if his three point shot is not falling. He’s clearly built for it!

Immanuel Quickley – Gemini

Another Gemini, Quickley so clearly an air sign. He quite literally floats on the floor, carrying a very positive energy around with him and doing some pretty goofy things in between plays in the process. Like Barrett, Quickley could probably stand to chat his game up more, since he has so much to brag about – between his electric game against Boston in the regular season and his very contentious involvement in the Sixth Man of the Year award, he can talk and back it up (but perhaps not this postseason). 

Of course, some of the less than savory traits about Geminis include inconsistency, which we certainly saw in the playoffs. But, if there is anyone who can bounce back on pure confidence and will, it’d be a Gemini. 

Isaiah Hartenstein – Taurus

This team is full of DOG– I mean, bulls. Hartenstein is yet another Taurus on the squad, and it definitely showed in his first year with the Knicks. I-Hart is a force, and became a huge anchor for New York’s bench on defense this season. In addition to this, he filled in well for Robinson and solidified himself as a reliable go-to this postseason, yet another Taurus trait. 

Hartenstein never really showed himself as an uncompromising, hard headed player, but neither did Grimes much this year. Both are certainly playing up to a Tauruses best qualities – reliance, strength and an unwavering confidence in anything they are handed. Hartenstein should just continue to play as if he is the strongest center on the floor at all times, and he will be sure to keep finding success. 

Josh Hart – Pisces

Hart is a water sign, and probably the most watery in the sign of Pisces. Represented by a fish, Pisceans are known for their wisdom, compassion and general “good vibes.” Hart, who the Knicks traded for in the middle of the season, provided such amazing support for the Knicks’ bench and had a few great starts in the postseason, as well. He seems to understand where he needs to be at all times on the floor, embodying the intuitive nature of Pisces. 

However, Pisces can also be hesitant, fearful or just too trusting of others around them. Hart, being such a utility player, cannot afford to be selfless when he has the chance to give his team an advantage, and he should continue to avoid those often limiting traits if he wants to keep being such an elite rebounder and defender. 

Obi Toppin – Pisces

Another Pisces, Toppin is another Knick that I definitely think symbolizes the silly nature of the water sign. Toppin is pretty flowy on the court, as well, and it has helped him to become one of New York’s fastest players in transition. Compassion, kindness and good vibes, just like with Hart, all describe Toppin. 

However, Toppin has seen a shortened role on the team with the prolific game of Randle and head coach Tom Thibodeau’s refusal to play much small ball with Randle and Toppin on the floor. It feels like much has been said about how Toppin must feel about his situation with the team, but he has never really verbalized this himself, showing that he may be trusting others too much with information he can’t exactly dispel or claim himself. Regardless of those rumors, Toppin should just continue to tap into his Piscean strengths and remain a great energy off the bench for the Knicks for as long as he is a Knick. 

Deuce McBride – Virgo

Another “work horse,” McBride has worked his way from being a G-League mainstay to the Knicks’ rotation. He is a brute defender, able to really rattle his competition with his defense and stay on his feet in the process. His work ethic is obvious, and it has propelled him into a rotation that is notoriously hard to crack. 

Not much can be said against McBride given how limited his minutes were, even with a bigger opportunity after Quickley’s injury in the postseason. But, with his earth sign energy helping him to focus on becoming a better defender and guard every season, I have no doubt that he will continue to be needed and relied upon off the Knicks’ bench next season. 

Derrick Rose – Libra

Even when no one has seen Rose play in a meaningful Knick game in what feels like an entire year, he is still the talk of the town when other players are struggling on New York. There is really no better way to describe Libras, an air sign – always attracting attention, even when they aren’t seeking it out. Rose has always garnered attention, being the youngest player to be voted the Most Valuable Player and often topping lists of players basketball fans wish they could see go injury free for their career. 

That all being said, some of Libras worst qualities – like indecisiveness, holding grudges, and pettiness – are traits that even Rose has spoken about having to work through in order to maintain a career in the league despite his injuries leading to a very toned down end to his time in the NBA. It’s unclear where Rose goes from the Knicks, but he will be better off assisting another young team with leadership, diplomacy and fairness that all Libras strive to achieve. 

Evan Fournier – Scorpio

Oh, Fournier. Being a water sign, and specifically being a Scorpio, means being brave, resourceful and private. Unfortunately for Fournier, he was not able to be any of those things consistently for the Knicks, going from their biggest free agent signing just a few years ago to riding the end of the bench alongside Rose. I guess he is brave in that he is still with the team, and willing to show up to games despite some obvious distaste for him from fans. 

Jericho Sims – Libra

Sims is another Libra on the team, but is another player like Fournier and Rose where he was unable to show off much of himself this season due to limited minutes on the floor behind Robinson and Hartenstein. But, he did participate in the Dunk Contest, and man…did that attract attention! 

Sims also carries a quiet, reserved air to him, which is a trait Libras like to utilize in order to learn, observe and grow in a new environment. Hopefully by next season, Sims will be able to show off more of his actual personality, and not just while being embarrassed during the dunk contest. 

Honorable mentions: Duane Washington Jr. (Aries), DaQuan Jeffries (Virgo), Trevor Keels (Virgo)

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